The Yo Yo Effect of Low Fat Diets – And Why Herbalife Might Be a Better Idea

Very often, all the effort into weight loss is waster because they tend to come back – the dreaded Yo Yo effect which has been experienced by almost everyone who went on a diet. If you are in Portugal, take a look at the Herbalife site over there to see what their products look like.

Is it possible that the type of diet we choose to follow can impact the rate at which the lost kilograms are gained back? Various research has shown that certain types of nutrition can reduce the risk of yo yo effects after a diet. Does this happen to people on Herbalife diets as well? Let me know if you have some experiences for this.

Yo-Yo Effect Research

Research was done on 21 obese people, who lost 10-15% of their total weight with a strict diet, and afterwards the new weight was maintained with 3 different types of eating regimes, which lasted for 4 weeks. The first type of nutrition included a low fat content. The second type was based on foods with a low glycemic index. The third way was a diet with a very low carb intake. We can already see the differences between these plans and the Herbalife meals plans, which are basically a completely balanced diet, that is just low on calories but rich on total nutrients.

All participants had their hormone levels and blood sugar levels tested, as well as their blood pressure. Also their resting metabolic rate and general metabolic rates were taken into account. Results showed that the metabolic speed varied greatly according the the diet. The rate at which energy is spent is reduced during diets with a low fat count, and is the lowest with a low carb diet. So, these are the types of diets with the highest risk of yo yo effects.

The difference can be up to 300 calories per day, which is the same amount of energy that is expended during moderate physical activity. Experts say that this is because your body can adapt to various types of diets, and reduce its energy expenditure while increasing your appetite.

In other words, after a very rigid diet, your metabolism can slow down and use less energy, which is especially true for diets that are very low in fats. Experts say that you should pay attention to the glycemic index of food, because a diet with no carbs is virtually impossible and very imbalanced.

So, it is important to have a balanced approach to the nutrients that your body needs, and not get rid of foods that contain fats completely.

In my experience, and the experience of people around me, these extreme diets can often have this kind of counter-effect, and so I always choose to stick with something more gradual but that will give long term weight loss results. The Herbalife diet, as I already wrote, is my diet of choice, and has so far given me great results.