The Hay Diet in Comparison to Herbalife

The hay diet was made by famous nutritionist Howard Hay. This diet is based on separating the foods that need different digestive processes, which can lead to slower digestion and lower nutrient absorption.You can also find some great products here. You can get some great weight loss products from Herbalife at the link.

A simple meal is considered to be a great way to improve your digestion. The Hay diet is based on natural and whole grain foods, with an emphasis on grains and vegetables in relation to animal products. To improve digestion, it is necessary to combine meals well and stick to certain rules. You can also take a look at Herbalife products, which have been helping people lose weight for a very long time now. Their plans are very simple to follow, and provide you with ready made meals that are always at hand.

The Hay Diet – Rules

– Do not combine proteins and carbohydrates

– Do not combine different protein foods, such as milk, eggs, meat, fish…

– Do not combine sour foods and drinks with those that contain starch and proteins

– Do not season protein foods with animal fats

– Do not consume fruits as part of a meal

3 Food Categories

– Carbohydrates (bread, pasta, rice, beans, potatoes, dried fruits…)

– Proteins (meat, fish, eggs, cheese…)

– Neutral food (vegetables, oils, spices, low fat white cheese…)

The main rule it to never combine meals that are based on carbohydrates with meals that are based on proteins. Neutral foods can be consumed at any time.

In the Hay Diet there are 3 meals per day, every 3-4 hours. During the meals and 20 minutes before or after, it is not recommended to drink any fluids as they may slow digestion. Proteins should be consumed one time per day and should not exceed 20% of our daily food. Fresh fruits should not be eaten for dinner, because they are digested slower and can cause bloating.

Carbohydrate foods that can be combined during the Hay Diet  are: Potatoes, cabbage, whole grains, honey… Protein foods are foods such as meat, milk, fish, sausages and so on, and they can be combined with vegetables or fresh fruits.

In my opinion, I much prefer the Herbalife diet. It is just so simple, that there is really no easier way (that I have found at least) to lose weight. Also, the products are natural and healthy, so it has a thumbs up from me. Check out the link we posted above if you want to see what the Herbalife programs look like.