Principles of Dieting

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The principle of all diets is to lower the intake of a certain type of food, but one also needs to take care not to go on a starvation regime. A hungry person has a greater chance of making the wrong decisions about food, and can inadvertently slip in some foods that are really best to avoid.

To get rid of your excess weight and to look healthier, you should introduce meals that are low in calories but are still healthy and make you feel full.

Many people make big mistakes – instead of regular meals they consume juices, and that often becomes counterproductive; they start taking in more calories and sugars. Meals should be regular, and instead of juices try drinking water or tea without sugar. Many people have the misconception that when they skip a meal, they are taking in less calories, when in fact they will very often take in even more calories for the next meal and in a very short time span, leading to a slower metabolism.

The most important meal of the day is of course breakfast, and you should really never skip it if you intend to lose weight.

It is best to consult a wellness coach who can advise you on the best way to lose weight. If you are not able to consult a specialist, you can try making a list of foods by yourself, and how much and how often you should consume them. Look online for information regarding which foods contain proteins and carbohydrates, and how much of them will be enough for you. It is wrong to completely give up on meat or other protein rich foods – and the consequence is very often just feeling hungrier.