Moving Like a Gentleman with Selidbe

Selibe is the best way to move in Belgrade!

And the day has come – you have decided to move out of your apartment. You have found a better place, you are moving into the house of your dreams, and everything will soon be as you have always dreamed it. There is just one final hurdle to take care of; unfortunately, it is also the most dreaded one – MOVING!

If you are like me, you would most probably prefer to spend a week at the hospital than 1 day moving. And I can understand it. Having moved many times, it has never been an enjoyable experience. Countless boxes to pack, countless papers to organize and sort… and when the day comes, no matter how prepared you think you were, there always seem to be a thousand things you forgot.

This can be made easier though, if you select the right company to help you move. Selidbe Stan will help you move your apartment, and make the whole experience much better than I have ever seen.

Here is my experience with SELIDBE.

First, one of their team members came by to do a detailed investigation of everything that needed to be done. He went through the place quite well, looking at all the approaches to the building, how everything needed to be carried, and how best to do it. Together, we went through all the stuff that needed to be moved and where I would want it in my new place. He gave me an offer, that was more than fair, and that was it.

On the day of the move, their guys showed up at precisely the appointed time. They packed everything very professionally – all the glasses placed in bubble wrap, clothes neatly folded in boxes, delicate things wrapped and placed in padded boxes for added security.

Everything was carefully loaded into a van, and driven off to my new apartment. Overall, I don’t think the whole experience must not have taken more than an hour and a half. And the best thing is – I didn’t need to do anything. I was just there looking over the guys doing their job, and truth be told, I think I could have gone and had a coffee. They had obviously done this many many times before, and needed no input from me.

So, if there is one company I can recommend, it is Selidbe. Moving doesn’t always need to be a horror story!