Fiber proven to reduce appetite

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Planned weight loss usually entails giving up on a certain group of foods, usually fats or carbohydrates. During weight loss, the desire for the food that we are not allowed to eat constantly grows. With time, the lower energy, the bad moods and craving weaken our resolve. In the end, we very often get back to our old habits and get back all our old kilograms… and then some. If this sounds familiar, then fibers are probably the best thing for you. A great product that contains loads of fiber is Batidos Herbalife.

What is fiber?

Fiber is an important component of fruits and vegetables. It can be found in fruits, vegetables, grains… Previously, fiber was considered to be a useless part of fresh foods, that only diminished their quality. However, lots of research has shown that fiber can help with the weight loss process, and can also help with the prevention of various diseases.

Which fiber can help you lose weight?

Research has shown that there are 2 types of fiber that give the best weight loss effect: Glucomannan and Nutriose. Fiber is also an important part of all Herbalife programs, as it is crucial to helping you get rid of toxins from your body, and also helps keep you full.

Glucomannan is recommended because of its ability to absorb large amounts of water. By binding water to itself these fibers take up space in your stomach and prevent us from taking more food than we really need.

Since they are difficult to be digested, they stay around in your stomach, so they make us feel full for longer.

Nutriose is a fiber with a very low energy value. Besides making you feel full, nutriose has another important function – it helps regulate blood sugar levels. When we want to lose weight – this is extremely helpful.

Whenever we eat food that is low in fiber, there is the danger of our blood sugar levels spiking. This spike is registered in our brain as an excess of energy. If in that moment we are not physically active, this excess energy is stored as fat. This process is so intense that after a while we start to feel tired, hungry and an increased craving for food. This is usually when we start reaching for the snacks and sweets.

This is why the nutriose intake is so important. This type of fiber regulates our blood sugar and so prevents it from spiking too high, which enables us to keep our hunger under control.

Fiber Destroys Calories

Scientific research confirms what we are lady know – only by lowering our daily calorie intake can we lose excess weight and control our weight for a longer period. Sounds impossible? Science disagrees. For example, the Fiber and Herb tablets from Herbalife are one of its most popular products, precisely for this reason.

A small calorie count is one of the main features of both Glucomannan and Nutriose. When we consume these fibers, we take in very few calories, but we still feel full. Fiber in our intestines act like a sponge. They absorb water and with quick travel through our digestive system they prevent the complete absorption of all the calories we took in, and prevent them from getting to our hips, stomach and our risk areas.

Health Before Everything

Weight loss can be very exhausting. Fiber helps you maintain a healthy stomach flora that strengthens your immune system. The time that food spends in your gut is decreased, and with that the toxins that you take in get expelled faster.

Experts say that we should take in more fiber

Even though fiber can be taken in with food, we definitely don’t consume enough of them. Research shows that the average person takes in only 7-15g of fiber per day, which is about half the recommended daily amount.

Because of that, additional fiber supplements are recommended.