Carbohydrates for Weight Loss

Carbohydrates can be very useful in the weight loss process, especially if they are eaten in the evening. This is also a part of the Herbalife weight loss programs, which give you a balanced intake of carbohydrates for both of the meals you are replacing per day.

Research has shown that taking carbohydrates in the evening can modify the excretion of the hormone that keeps you full – leptin, as well as adiponectin, which lowers the blood sugar level and cholesterol. In this way, you can reduce excess weight and get rid of unwanted kilograms. You can find some great products here at this Herbalife site for Ireland..

Research – Carbohydrates at Night

Research included 78 men and women that were split into 2 groups. Bot groups practiced a low calorie died for 6 months (1300-1500 calories per day). They ate carbohydrates in the form of pasta, bread, rice, potatoes, yogurt…

The only difference was when they consumed these foods, which turned out to be key for weight loss.

After 6 months of examination, those who ate carbohydrates in the evening had more success with losing weight. In fact, they lost more weight (11.6kg in average in comparison to the other group, which had lost 9kg). This kind of eating regime also brought other kinds of benefits. Besides the reduced weight, they felt less hungry and also had a smaller blood sugar and cholesterol level. Certain inflammation markers were reduced as well.

However, experts say that one study is not enough to bring about any certain conclusions. It does seem likely though, that eating carbohydrates in the evening is a logical choice. During the night, sugars are temporarily stored so that they can be used as glucose during the day, especially when we need energy for some kind of arduous activity.

If these meals are rich in fiber as well as carbohydrates, the speed of our metabolism will be increased and we will feel fuller. And of course, as in any other diet regime, you should act in moderation so that the weight loss process will work well. Don’t go overboard with the carbs, because in this way you can get exactly the result you don’t want – gaining weight.

Try this with your regular Herbalife plan, and let us know the results. Do Herbalife products work better in conjunction with these other tips?