A Slim Figure with Prunes

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Even though they are often discounted at the nutrition level, prunes have very interesting capabilities for those who want to lose weight. They taste good and they don’t have too many calories – 100g of prunes have only between 150-230 calories. In smaller amounts, they can help you feel full, because the drying process leaves them with 35% sugar (instead of 10% as with normal prunes) – glucose and fructose, which lower the feelings of hunger. Herbalife also has some great products that will help you feel full, while setting you on a calorie controlled regimen that will get you back in great shape in no time.

Prunes and their Numerous Positive Effects

This reservoir of energy has diuretic properties as well, which makes prunes a fantastic means of detoxification, especially after New Year’s and Christmas holidays and their rich meals. They are also excellent for helping with the functioning of your intestines and liver. Prunes have laxative capabilities, because in their fluids they contain small amounts of a compound that stimulates the emptying of your digestive tract. This capability is enhanced by its high fiber content, as well as sugars such as fructose.

In terms of fibre, 100g of prunes contain about 10-16g, which is much more than the average of 2g that the same amount of fresh plums contain. This fiber is important for lowering cholesterol, as it absorbs the excess chemicals made in the liver.

Beta carotene in prunes neutralizes the presence of free radicals, regenerates damaged cells and protects the brain from the effects of free radicals. Prunes have a function in preventing osteoporosis and the strengthening bones because of Vitamin K, flavonoids and phenol.

The Importance of Prunes for your Metabolism

The high content of minerals, especially potassium, zinc and magnesium make prunes very capable of maintaining the electrolyte balance in your body, and they can also have a positive effect on your metabolism. Thanks to the presence of Vitamin A, beta carotene and zinc, prunes are considered a good anti oxidant. 10 prunes a day are enough to prevent stretch marks and stop skin sagging. If you are looking for some supplementation to boost your metabolism, you can also take a look at the famous Herbalife tea, or the Herbalife Thermo Complete, which are also great products to help you burn fat faster.

How Can You Make Prunes a Part of Your Daily Diet

Here are some tips on using prunes in helping you maintain a slim figure.

Since it is important to fill up on energy in the morning, a combination of prunes, yogurt and grains is the best choice. This meal will help you feel full, have energy and will stimulate your metabolism.

During the day, several prunes can be taken as a snack that will sate your hunger, which is especially useful for people who are on a low calorie regime.

During the late afternoon, it is recommended to eat 1-2 prunes before hitting the gum or after swimming, which will cut down your desire to eat large amounts of food. This is a good way to combat the craving for high-calorie foods after training.

Before sleeping, a juice based on prunes can be useful for the cleansing and the toning of your body.

So, the possibilities are endless, and everyone can find a spot in their daily routine for this important food in accordance with their own needs and preferences.